Bye Bye Billy

So, we ventured to Boulder yesterday in the frickin’ cold weather to see Bill Callahan coach his last Husker game versus the Colorado Buffaloes.  What was up with the white pants? Red pants would have looked better with their white jerseys.  Anyway, at half-time, I thought maybe we had a chance at winning, but I obviously thought wrong. The best ABC poster was “Adios Bill Callahan” and Dr. Tom made it official today that he’s history.  More of our hard-earned tax dollars down the drain to pay him out of his contract early.  Food for thought from the day….
– Chick-Fil-A’s Chick-n-Minis make for excellent tailgate partying (so does Goldschlager and it warms you up).
– The stadium food stands must have made a killing selling hot chocolate at $4/cup to the freezing crowd. You can buy Swiss Miss packets 10/$1, and considering they probably buy in bulk at a discount, that’s one helluva a mark-up.
– They sold out of Frescheta’s Pizza before I got some.  But the All-Meat Stuffed Crust Pizza from Papa Murphy’s after the game was quite appetizing (as was the Rootbeer Schnapps).


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