Differences Between San Francisco And Nebraska

Differences Between San Francisco And Nebraska

Yes, I realize that San Francisco is a city, and Nebraska is a state. That right there is the first difference.

Differences Between San Francisco And Nebraska

San Francisco encompasses a land area of about 46.9 square miles with a population of 837,442 (2013). That’s 17,856 people per mile! Math always was my favorite subject.

Nebraska has 1.882 million residents (more than I expected) living among 77,355 square miles. That’s 24 people per mile (again, more than I expected).

San Francisco borders the Pacific Ocean. Nebraska sits in the middle of the United States and is over 1000 miles from an ocean in any direction.

The weather in San Francisco is pretty predictable all year round with an average temperature of 57.3°F. Nebraska is the epitome of four season weather with hot summers and cold winters.

It’s not all about demographics.

So why am I comparing the two places? Because I live in Nebraska (obviously) and when I was in San Francisco earlier this year, the subject came up. Here’s how it all went down (and how I lived to tell about it).

I was staying with my friend, Lisa Picarille, while attending Affiliate Management Days. I had requested an Uber from my smartphone (for those rural Nebraskans that have no idea what an “Uber” even is, it’s similar to a cab) to pick me up from Lisa’s place to take me to the conference hotel.

While I’m watching my phone track my Uber’s whereabouts, I get a message to tell me my ride has arrived. I see the black car waiting for me in the street, and as I walk towards it, I had obscenities yelled at me. I did not realize I was walking across a bike lane and obviously got in a biker’s way.

There are no bike lanes in Nebraska.

Not only did the biker yell at me, but people on the street started yelling at me about how I should watch where I’m walking. The Uber driver was extremely nice and even hollered back at the people to back off. In my defense, I told the driver that I’m from Nebraska, and that we don’t have bike lanes there.

The driver then asked me what are some other differences between Nebraska and San Francisco. The first that came to mind was the cost of living. Everything is super expensive in San Francisco compared to Nebraska, from food to housing.

San Franciso is the most expensive city in North America.

I remembered the first time that I visited San Francisco with my mom over a decade ago. We did the whole touristy thing and remember a cab driver telling us that no cabbies could afford to even live in the city; they lived outside the city limits where housing was less expensive. I asked my Uber driver if the same was still true. He said yes.

The next difference between San Fran and the Husker state is the landscape. Nebraska is “flat and boring” as I’ve heard from several people who have driven through the state. San Francisco on the other hand, is full of steep hilly streets. Combine that with the crooked and curvy roads and my car sickness that I thought I outgrew comes out of retirement there.

The last difference we talked about monopolized the rest of the conversation. I told the driver how growing up in Nebraska, everyone I knew was Christian. It was the Lutherans versus the Catholics. I knew other religions existed, but it was only when I started traveling for business years ago that I met non-Christians. I soon realized I was in the minority as a Christian. I am now friends with Jews, Buddhists, Muslims and atheists.

Only 35% of people in San Francisco affiliate with a religion. ~19% are Christian. 

My driver’s face lit up when I told him I was a Christian. He then told me how Jesus Christ is his Savior, too. He is in the minority as well. He was so happy to meet someone with his same beliefs, so happy in fact that he took the longest route to my destination so we could talk longer. Him and I were so different in so many ways, yet so alike.

Audre Lorde said it best, “It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.”

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Differences Between San Francisco And Nebraska

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