My Son is a officially a Husker!

Kim Rowley and son

In all of our household busyness, my son (as seen above with dear ole me) graduated from high school last month and has already moved to Omaha for the summer to work.  But we met to go to Lincoln together last week for New Student Orientation at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.  It was an all day affair 7:30 – 5, which I think could have been shortened to half a day if they cut out some of the skits, shortened some presentations and offered tours a la carte (as we’d previously had the same tour on a campus visit). But it was informative for both of us nonetheless. My son is super excited to start attending, and he is all registered for classes to start this fall.  My guess is that his favorite part of college will be the student tickets to the football games and the all-you-can-eat cafeteria buffets (yes, it’s that much better than my cooking).  And the best part of the day for me was when they thought I was one of the students and not a parent!  I thought it was a compliment even though they apologized for the error. Overall the experience made me wish I personally had attended UNL in my former life to be able to call myself a true “Husker” instead of just a Husker fan.


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