Sea of Red Saturdays in Nebraska

Kim on Husker game day!
pulled off a victory in their first game of the season, winning over Western Michigan 47-24.  My son went to the game with his dad while I went to a Husker party (like my shoes?) to watch the game on per-pay-view. And my daughters listened online via

The parties are going to start earlier next week, as the Huskers take on San Jose State at 11:30 am via pay-per-view. I upgraded my digital cable package to include Fox Sports Network last week (it was quite chaotic) – too bad they aren’t going to carry the game!

My reason for upgrading my cable was to watch the SDSU vs Iowa State game (they lost 44-17).  My brother is an offensive lineman for the Jacks, and will graduate in December.  Since South Dakota State University joined the Missouri Valley Football Conference, the Huskers are due to play SDSU in the season line-up next year. It would have been neat to see Nick play against the Huskers, but what attire would I wear then?!


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