Trojans are Gone. Tshirts are Here.

Husker Tshirts in Lincoln, Nebraska

Here’s a picture of Patrick and me from the weekend, taken at the Sidetrack Tavern in Lincoln.  I was a Sidetrack’s Virgin.  The picture was taken with my new Kodak EasyShare camera, (I haven’t tried to remove red eye yet, obviously) before USC kicked Nebraska’s butt, thus we were still smiling. Not only did my infamous brother make a new logo for the site, but check out our shirts! And we’re giving away Free Tshirts to our website visitors (gotta bribe you to visit us somehow)!  Click here for details!

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  1. I really would love to purchase one of the Trojan Red T-shirts with the Condom and the message on the back of the shirt. Please write back to let me know of how much,that I would need to send for one or if you could even send one out for free. I would like a Large Size. Thanks so much!!!!


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