Husker Halloween Costumes

One of my favorite holidays of the year is Halloween. This year, nothing is scarier than the Husker Football team so it’s perfect for Halloween! 

We picked out a few of our favorite costumes that had 1) good reviews and 2) were decently priced. 

I hope you enjoy and have a fabulous Halloween!

Our favorite Nebraska Costumes

Football Helmet and Jersey Set – Youth Football Uniform Costume – Helmet, Jersey, Chinstrap

This set is easy and fairly affordable at $39.99 – It also gets really great reviews on Amazon as opposed to many similar costumes. The reviews say it’s good for ages 5-9 so buyer beware:)


Girls Cheerleading outfit

Not exactly “Nebraska Spirit Squad” but it’s Husker red – It’s under $20.00 and it gets fairly good reviews. It fits ages 4-16 but it looks like it’s selling out fast.


CornCob Halloween Costume – (JUNIOR)

Remember when you were a kid, wandering around freezing with your coat on because it was too cold? Well this will keep junior warm and who doesn’t want to be a corncob for Halloween?! – It’s selling quick so get it while it lasts.


CornCob Halloween Costume – (Adult)

The kids shouldn’t have all the fun! This is a bit ‘corny’ but you’ll be a hit with all your friends when you show up sporting this winner.


Adult Corn Cob Hat– (JUNIOR)

Alright so maybe your just following the kids around the neighborhood while they trick-or-treak. This would compliment your favorite drink nicely. It’s a whole lot of fun for !12.99


Women’s Referee Costume – (Adult)

I’m not sure what I think about this but thought I would include it. Ladies, if any of you can strike a pose like that I suggest sporting this gem on Oct. 31st! It’s pricey at $49.99.


Adult Referee Costume

Delay of game! This is a perfect costume that could work year-after-year. It’s got great ratings and in a pinch, you can sub-in at the local high school basketball game.


Kool-Aid Man – (Adult)

Okay so this is a bit of stretch but Kool-aid was founded in Nebraska (Hastings) so technically this is a “Nebraska Halloween Costume”

It’s pricey at $129.99 but you’ll be the hit of the party! 


Need some inspiration for your Husker Costume?