Exceeding expectations

 Exceeding expectations


This 99-yard touchdown pass clearly exceeded the expectations the husker offense was looking for.  Let’s rewind to November 23rd, 2013 in Happy Valley, Pennsylvania.  The husker offense was in the exactly same position at the 1-yard line and used the same approach of a deep bomb that was intended to draw pass interference to allow for a first down.  Luckily the big red managed to draw the yellow flag in their favor on the snowy night in Beaver Stadium.  It may be a cheap way out of a third and long at your own 1 yard but so are the crossing pick routes that teams use against Bo Pelini’s man coverage happy defense.  Flash-forward to January 1st, 2014 where the cornhusker offense is in the exact same spot they were a mere month ago.  The plan was to draw the pass interference for a first down but the play clearly exceeded expectations as it resulted in a 99-yard touchdown pass from Armstrong to Enunwa.

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