It’s A Smoke-Free Nebraska!

No Smoking SignYesterday was World No Tobacco Day, and today Nebraska’s Clean Indoor Air Act goes into effect! The law bans smoking in all public places and businesses except cigar bars and 20% of hotel rooms. Yippee! Can you tell I’m a non-smoker? Sure the smokers are upset – I say it’s a good time for everyone to quit!

Kim Rowley's Facebook ProfileI posted on my Facebook page (are you my friend yet?) how excited I was for this day to come. Got some good commentary/feedback…

Kim: can’t wait until June 1st when Nebraska bars/restaurants will be smoke-free.

Mookie: Think of all the water people will save — no more post-bar showers to loufa the smoke off.

Christina: And there will be much rejoicing.

Amy: except for all the post- bar showers to loufa all the booze and sweat off!

Brent: They did that in Boston a bunch of years ago. It was the best thing that they could have done. No more going home stinking of cigarette smoke, and you can actually breath in the bar now.

Mookie: I don’t know Amy, I kinda like the booze-and-sweat combo. Sort of like a “marinade”.

Jay: But this may cause more people to quit smoking. Cigarette tax just went up by about a buck-and-a-half! Who’s gonna pay for the Economic Stimulus Package? Who’s gonna send all those bankers to Jamaica? Poor bankers.

Jay: I have an idea! Nebraska just implemented a new death penalty. Well, if second-hand smoke kills you, how about we put condemned criminals in little cages in bars, and let people smoke near them? Kill the convict, and entertainment for everyone, at no extra cost to the taxpayer! Jay for Governor!

Amy: LOL- Ewww!!! Marinade. Yuck. I’ll pass on being a sirloin thanks!

Jay: Plus all those unemployed loufas.

Amy: Poor loufas!

Kim: Wow, I finally go to take a shower for the day (yes I’ve been slacking off) so I can go out and get all smoky again tonight and come back to all these comments – you guys are too funny.

Dustie: dont like it… dont go!!!

Amy C: Emporia KS bars/restaurants went smoke-free a couple months ago….it is great!!!

Bonnie: Been smoke free here in MA for years, not too bad 🙂

What are your thoughts? Do you think smoking should be banned in all public places across the USA? Give your Opinion and you could win $400!

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