Shane Osborn’s Wife Alleges Physical Abuse

Shane OsbornJust heard on WOWT – Terry Osborn, wife of Shane Osborn, is alleging she’s been physically abused by Shane since they married in 2003. According court documents, nine days after Terry Osborn filed for divorce, she filed for a protection order saying she’s been the victim of physical and emotional abuse.  Shane’s publicist said he is taking the higher road with no comment. And did they just say she’s already moved in with an old boyfriend? Hmmmm.

Shane Osborn, originally from Norfolk, Nebraska, gained recognition (along with heightening his arrogant ego) by being in the limelight when he was piloting the airplane in the Hainan Island incident.  Shane is now Nebraska’s State Treasurer. Oh, and you may be owed money by the State of Nebraska – Search for Unclaimed Property. Damn, no moolah for me.

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